Top 7 best Hitch Mount Salt Spreaders in 2021

Buyer’s Guide, Comparison and Advice

Our Top Pick
Buyers Products ATVS100 ATV All-Purpose Broadcast Spreader 100 lbs. Capacity with Rain Cover , Black
Branded Option
SaltDogg TGS03 8 Cubic Foot Tailgate Salt Spreader
Budget Option
Boss Buck 80 lb. Capacity Seeder/Spreader, Green, One Sze
Buyers Products ATVS100 ATV All-Purpose Broadcast Spreader 100 lbs. Capacity with Rain Cover , Black
SaltDogg TGS03 8 Cubic Foot Tailgate Salt Spreader
Boss Buck 80 lb. Capacity Seeder/Spreader, Green, One Sze
Our Top Pick
Buyers Products ATVS100 ATV All-Purpose Broadcast Spreader 100 lbs. Capacity with Rain Cover , Black
Buyers Products ATVS100 ATV All-Purpose Broadcast Spreader 100 lbs. Capacity with Rain Cover , Black
Branded Option
SaltDogg TGS03 8 Cubic Foot Tailgate Salt Spreader
SaltDogg TGS03 8 Cubic Foot Tailgate Salt Spreader
Budget Option
Boss Buck 80 lb. Capacity Seeder/Spreader, Green, One Sze
Boss Buck 80 lb. Capacity Seeder/Spreader, Green, One Sze

Snowfall can cause roads to become inaccessible. One of the simplest methods in the process of snow removal is spreading rock salt on the snow. This process lowers the freezing point of the snow and makes the removal faster and easier.

To expedite this process, de-icing business owners use mountable automobile salt spreaders that spread the de-icing material in various directions in the vehicle’s path. The rock salt is spread along a wide radius which affects a large area of snow at once. 

Buying the right salt spreader for your home or business purposes can be tricky. It requires you to consider many criteria, including truck real estate, application, size, and power.

With this article, we plan to make this process easier with a collection of the best hitch-mounted salt spreaders we could find. Hitch mounted salt spreaders can save your truck bed space and are practical options for smaller-scale work.

We have assembled a list of contenders for being the best salt spreader you might see. We’ve discussed their specifications and implications for your benefit. Without further ado, below are the top choices. 

# 1. Buyers Products ATVS100

This impressive spreader by Buyers Products does it all. Whether it is used for landscaping or farming purposes, this product is perhaps one of the most underrated, low-profile tailgate spreaders on the market. With reliable flow control, this spreader is capable of handling all of your landscaping needs.

This spreader features a Class IV hitch mount system compatible with a 2″ receiver hitch. The installation is easy – thanks to the detailed instruction manual with images and the fixed bumper mounting system. Once installed, the hopper can accommodate up to 15 gallons of free-flowing material. Once loaded, the spreader works over a dam of around 30 feet. In our experience, the spreader works exceptionally with rock salt, sand, or ice melt.

The adjustable feed gate offers excellent control and works in tandem with a 12V electric motor to optimize material usage. The product works well with finer-grained material. However, if you’re working with materials with thicker grain quality, you might face issues with the gravity-fed spreader.

The corrosion-resistant hopper also has a lid that ensures there is no spillage. It also prevents material from undergoing any damage in case the weather plays rough. The hopper also doesn’t cause any clogging issues and empties effectively, so you won’t have to do any more hard work than there need be.

This tailgate spreader comes with an easy mount and compact size, so whether it’s a UTV or a conventional truck, this is perhaps one of the best available mount options you’ll find. Since its implications are many, the ATVS100 is an effective tool no matter where you choose to use it. You can also use it off-season for various purposes.


  • Affordable price
  • Multipurpose spreader
  • Poly lid and sizable hopper
  • Easily mounts on Class IV hitch


  • It isn’t compatible with thick grained, high-density material
  • The absence of a shaker might cause problems with damp materials
  • Wiring length and quality is poor
  • Hopper gate can be flimsy

# 2. Field Tuff AS-125ATV12

Field Tuff brings the AS-125ATV12 Salt Spreader to simplify the spreader operation and help you effectively de-ice areas. Field Tuff has specialized in creating auto products that simplify life and work. The AS-125ATV12 is a similar product and perhaps one of the more reliable salt spreaders in the industry.

There are various available mount options. This tailgate spreader can be mounted on a 2″ receiver hitch. The assembly process is quite simple- thanks to the fixed bumper mounting system. 

It can either be attached to the front end or the rear end of the vehicle. The sturdy mounting system and the easy tailgate access provide additional spreader stability to the whole structure. 

The assembly and mounting process is reasonably easy as the instruction manual educates the users well with images and detailed descriptions. The stable mount allows you also to access roads with ease. 

The manually adjustable feed gate allows you to control the flow of the materials. However, this increases the manual work one has to do since fob-controlled feed gates are more popular nowadays. Still, the product works well to optimize material usage. 

With a speed of 570 rpm, the powerful 12 Volt DC motor offers a broadcast range of around a 12 ft. radius. The spread pattern is uniform and ensures even distribution in all directions. The order comes with all the necessary hardware and featured accessories.  

The hopper comes with a handy lid in protecting the integrity of the loaded material and the spreader itself. It cuts off the interaction of foreign elements with the loaded material. Rest assured that the ice control equipment will stay safe in a rough season too. 

This spreader is ideal for small-scale applications – driveways, yards, parking lots, among others. For business-scale work, this might not be the best option for you.


  • Large Capacity (125 lbs.) 
  • Compatible with all size trucks
  • Ready to use with quick assembly


  • Durability issues
  • Damp material may cause the material to clog

# 3. Boss Buck BB 1.80

This amazing spreader by Boss Buck allows for a fast, effective distribution process. The sturdy build and adjustability result in a good quality spreader that is as conventional as multifunctional.

The BB 1.80 attaches to the industry standard 2″ receiver hitch. With a relatively easy installation process, this spreader is ready to be brought into use. This tailgate mount comes with a wireless receiver that takes away the issue of having a problem with the wires. Using that, the spreader can be activated with a simple push of a button.

The material loaded is cast up to 3 feet with this spreader. This narrow, controlled spread is due to the shroud that resides near the hopper gate. With a basic alteration, a distribution radius of 15 ft. in all directions can be achieved.

With the order, you will also receive reliable hardware to help you mount the spreader properly. Once mounted, you can take your BB 1.80 for a de-icing run right away. The wide hopper allows you to load a respectable 80 lbs. of de-icing material or seeds. The hopper comes with a protective lid that prevents outside elements or moisture from damaging the materials.

The motor on the BB 1.80 uses 12V power. It can be connected to a battery or the taillights plug on your vehicle. Without question, the accessibility is commendable.

This model is exceptional when it comes to small-scale application or even using it for your business. The wireless feature elevates the ease of use and makes this spreader a great ice control equipment. However, there are some protocols that you will need to follow if you’re going to load it with salt for ice control.


  • Wireless Access
  • Multifunctional
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Shroud restricts range; needs alteration
  • Requires a lot of care when using salt with the product
  • Susceptible to clogging

# 4. Meyer 31100 BL40

Meyer is famous for producing some of the best automobile equipment and spreaders that the world has ever seen. Their products deliver on all accounts and are formidable machines that make the users’ work easier, quicker, and effective. The Bl240 spreader adheres to that standard with its generous capacity and practical design. 

The BL240 can be easily mounted to a 2″ receiver hitch (Class IV)

With a massive 3.7 cu. ft. load capacity, the product allows you to carry as much as 240 lbs. of de-icing materials at once. The sturdy, durable build continues to perform despite a heavy load. The hopper is made of industry-grade polyurethane that won’t fall victim to corrosion. The rust-free material also holds the spreader’s integrity in case of collision or shock.

Meyer’s own patented course brush auger has been used in this machine. This auger prevents any unwanted spillage and offers complete control to the user. The main structure is complemented by a hopper lid that does its job well. To verify that for yourself, visit their website to see video evidence of the tighter corkscrew design auger doing an impressive job.

No compromises are made on this spreader’s build quality. The same carries over to accessibility. This spreader can be easily controlled with an in-cab controller fob. The manually adjustable feed gate allows you to take control of when you want to unload the de-icing material and how fast the 1/6 HP motor should work.

The shaker is not included in the order and is sold separately, which makes an additional purchase. If you’re using any material that may cause clogs and clumps, then a shaker is recommended.

The spreader casts the material up to a 50 ft. diam and keeps the distribution precise and uniform. No wonder a Meyer is a commonly bought product amongst de-icing business owners. Our verdict deems it suitable for similar usage.


  • High-quality auger
  • Large capacity, corrosion-resistant hopper
  • Strong build


  • Shaker not included
  • Issues with in-cab controller fob

# 5. Snow Ex SR210 Wireless

If you have been searching for a good quality salt spreader, the odds that you have come across a SnowEx are high. SnowEx’s equipment has undoubtedly delivered high levels of functionality globally and continues to do so with the SR210 Wireless.

The SR210 model is relatively easy to install. It can be easily mounted on a 51mm (standard 2-inch receiver hitch) and, with a simple setup, can be taken out on the field.

This Wireless hitch-mount design makes the distribution process easier and effective. The spreader works in concert with a remote control that allows the user to control the spreader remotely. This means that you won’t have to get out and close the hopper gate manually once your work is complete.

The SnowEx tailgate spreader model features an industry-grade auger that specializes in handling rock salt. This 3-inch vertical auger ensures a free flow of materials without any hassle. The spinner motor effectively spreads the material in all directions and is protected from any foreign elements.

The motor is also powered by the vehicle and draws ample electricity to ensure good performance.

The hopper offers good capacity – 3 cu. ft. to be exact. If you are looking for something to help you de-ice the driveways, the SnowEx SR210 is recommended. The design of this product allows it to work well with bagged salt, so you won’t have to go back and empty another sack every time. This expedites and simplifies the loading process for the user. 

Unlike the previous product, this spreader does not come with a lid for protecting the hopper and eliminating spillage. That can be an additional purchase.

In our books, this product is a simple and effective tool for personal, small-scale projects. However, if you plan to use it commercially, some of the more heavy-duty salt spreaders might be for you. For the features it provides, we will say that it comes at a high price.


  • Good capacity
  • Remote control
  • Easy tailgate hitch mount
  • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Attachable to all vehicles – from SUV to full-size trucks


  • The spinner motor might get damaged early
  • Issues with Durability
  • High price

# 6. Buyers Products Saltdogg TGS03

It is no surprise that Buyers Products appears twice on a list discussing the best salt spreaders available. The SaltDogg TGS03 is one of the most functional spreader products on the market. The large capacity, the low-profile hopper, and ingenious design deliver complete utility and ease of use to the user.

The SaltDogg TGS03 tailgate spreader can be mounted to a standard Class IV hitch mount (2″ Receiver hitch).

The TGS03 is built using carbon steel and stainless steel and is perhaps one of the strongest mounting options for building quality. The hopper is double-walled and resistant to corrosion. The frameless design allows it to handle any material effectively. The corrosion-resistant hopper is positioned just above the ground, making this product one of the best low-profile tailgate spreaders. 

However, the unique features begin when we talk about the inner mechanisms of this product. This product is equipped with a horizontal auger that works with a hopper gate to prevent clogging and spillage. If you’re trying to remove snow from the roadway, this product will prove its mettle.

The controllable polyurethane spinner can be controlled with an in-cab fob. The fob controls the speed and throw of the spreader. It also features a blast option if you need to spread more salt, sand, or ice melt. The spreader also consists of a vibration unit that helps tackle clogs by breaking down large chunks of material. 

The horizontal auger also provides additional spreader stability and makes the distribution more uniform, optimizing the material usage. For residential spreading purposes, like de-icing the sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and commercial properties, the TGS03 is a no-brainer.


  • High Capacity
  • Smart Design prevents wastage 
  • Variable speed control and shaker
  • Reliable flow control


  • It costs a good amount of money
  • Might develop issues with the control box

# 7. SaltDogg TGS06

If you are looking for a massive-sized spreader that won’t take up your truck bed real estate, then allow us to introduce you to the SaltDogg TGS06. This huge spreader tends to keep things basic and effective when doing work on the field. 

This tailgate spreader can be mounted on a standard Class IV receiver hitch on a 3/4 or 1-ton truck. The poly hopper has a whopping load capacity of 10 Cu. ft. It is also highly resistant to shock and corrosion – owing to the high-quality material used in its construction. The powder-coated steel frame ensures no rust compromises the integrity of the product. It also helps to protect moving components of the spreader. 

The poly spinner is of 9-inch size and spreads the material up to 30 feet. For large-scale work, this is a huge thumbs up. The manually adjustable feed gate allows you to toggle control of the feed. The spinner motor and the adjustable flowgate can be controlled from within the cab with a fob controller. Both of these together deliver a complete spreader operation that will make your snow control run easy.

The product is also equipped with an 80 lbs. vibrator that is controllable with the fob. This vibrator breaks down the large chunks and ensures that there are no clogs anywhere. The product is well-suited for bagged rock salt, making it a simple and effective tool for utilizing the material properly. It also gives you a blast option for denser distribution of the material. 

This unit is great for business-scale operations and can expedite your de-icing process even in larger environments. If that fits your work description, then you better stick to this US-made salt spreader.


  • Massive Volume 
  • Easy Installation and Use
  • Variable speed control for the spinner and vibrator
  • Controllable feed gate


  • Highly-priced
  • Not suitable for smaller vehicles