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There is no doubt that if you are interested in virtual computer games and esports, you have heard of Dota 2, the most played and probably most appreciated online game in the world, especially among sports bettors. Since its 2013 release, the game has continued to be intriguing and draw in new players on a daily basis. What is the purpose of this game, though, and which teams are the best at it? Let’s investigate!

What Is Dota2?

What Is Dota2?

Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed by “Valve,” a Washington-based American video game development firm. Dota2 is essentially a fantasy game that involves two teams of five players fighting against each other; they must compete to destroy each other’s bases while occupying opposing ends of the map. Players assume control of fictitious characters with a range of abilities and the possibility of gaining more power throughout the course of the game.

Because of its intricacy, Dota 2 is frequently either highly regarded or, on the other hand, greatly despised by players. Nonetheless, the game’s rewarding gameplay, high caliber of production, and, of course, the fact that it lets players communicate with one another and sense the atmosphere of the community around them are the main reasons for its success. Bettors particularly appreciate it, and if you’re a sports bettor, you can visit to learn about one of the best bookmakers accepting bets on eSports. 

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the game itself, let’s take a closer look at the world’s most successful Dota2 teams. We selected five of them. 

Gaimin Gladiators

Gaimin Gladiators

The Gaimin Gladiators, also known as GG, are a Dota 2 team and European esports organization that joined the competitive scene in 2022. It is regarded as one of the world’s most successful and well-liked teams. The Gaimin Gladiators squad has won all three of Valve’s majors and dominated the 2023 DPC season, becoming even more successful. Melchior ‘Seleri’ Hillenkamp is known as the team’s captain and he occupies the fifth position on the team player’s list. 

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Team Liquid 

Team Liquid

Founded in the Netherlands in the 2000s, Team Liquid is an esports organization that has gained significant experience over the years. The squad’s Dota 2 division was revealed to have been formed in 2012. Thanks to its many victories and success in the game, this team is now regarded as one of the most successful in the entire globe. In addition to winning The International in 2017, The Liquid placed second in The International in 2019.

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Team Spirit

Team Spirit

Another successful esports group is Team Spirit. It was established in 2015 and, in 2021, became the second organization with its headquarters in Eastern Europe to win the International. The organization’s headquarters, however, were relocated in 2022 and are now in Belgrade, Serbia. After winning The International 10, the team—which had previously played Dota 2—also expanded into League of Legends.

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BetBoom is another Russian based esports organization and Dota 2 team. The Winline Dota 2 Champions League Season 9 was the first competition in which the participants competed under the BetBoom Team name. It is ranked #4 at the moment, making it one of the most recognized teams in the world. This team’s popularity and success can be attributed, in part, to its ties to the well-known Russian bookmaker of the same name. By visiting you can learn more about bookmakers in your area.

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Of course, there is OG, the most well-known and prosperous Dota2 team globally. N0tail, the most successful Dota 2 player in history, plays for this squad that has won over 36 million dollars in total from tournament winnings. Even though he is now inactive, he has greatly marked the history of the team. This team made Dota 2 history by becoming the first to win four major championships after winning the 2017 Kiev Major. Afterwards, OG became the first team to win the international in the open qualifiers.

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How to Make a Dota 2 Career?

Dota 2 Career

You can also try your hand at joining the large gaming community and learning how to work well in a team if you have become invested in this game and have moved past viewing it as a simple hobby. A lot of Dota 2 players aspire to work in this industry, but it is well known that it is highly challenging and demands a wide range of abilities in addition to experience. You will need to work extremely hard and have a high level of ambition if you decide to pursue this course in life. But we have a ton of advice for you as well as a quick guide on how to go forward so you can take a look at it and start making your first steps as a pro player. 

Employ a Mentor

Naturally, hiring a teacher to help you improve your Dota 2 skills and develop into a professional team player should be among your first priorities. If you want to get better at anything, whether it is playing the piano, building houses, or playing Dota 2 professionally, you need to practice and train. Having a teacher, especially one who is an expert, will simplify your path and allow you to learn from someone who is exceptionally skilled at what they do. 

Obtain the Necessary Equipment

Having a good setup will make it easier for you to play; no expert plays on dated, slow computers, and using high-end accessories instead of subpar gear will make playing on a computer easier and cause fewer issues. Dota 2 is a game that demands a lot of concentration and dexterity, and errors and glitches can significantly impact how a match plays out. For this reason, having the right gear will help you advance your abilities and prevent mistakes during a match. 

It is also superfluous to build an extremely precise, high-end setup unless you truly intend to use professional gear. Purchasing the gear that best fits your preferences and enables a seamless and comfortable gaming experience is what we would advise.

Improve Your Learning Abilities

Enhancing your learning strategies and learning style is also a crucial step in the process since it will improve your playing and skill-building. Recall the various strategies you employed prior to school exams or in order to get ready for a significant test; make use of them and absorb as much information as you can. Consider, recall, and make every effort to educate yourself about the game and all things associated with it. Furthermore, Dota 2 is renowned for being an often patched and updated game. As such, you should plan on dedicating some time to the game, as you will need to become accustomed to these patches and learn new skills with each update.

Get in Shape Like an Athlete

The term “esports” is not coined for nothing; these competitions genuinely call for athletic abilities and a mindset. You can make a schedule and give the game your whole attention to help with your training; the only thing that separates Dota 2 from true sports is that you can practice for longer periods of time because it takes less physical effort to play than, say, football. It is easy and very important to get in shape, especially if you follow a detailed plan. A recommended schedule is to train for two to three hours a day, interspersed with breaks and physical training. This is because playing Dota 2 all day can be physically taxing as you sit all day, and when combined with physical activity, it will undoubtedly increase your strength and productivity.

Create a Persona and a Reputation

You will need certain characteristics that will enable other Dota 2 players to identify you if you want to become a professional player. You must establish a distinct personality and a solid reputation for yourself in the eSports industry. It is similar to being a professional blogger or a celebrity; consider what makes you unique and what distinguishing qualities you can offer to help your career gain more notoriety. 

Learn to Work Well in a Team

Of course, teamwork and the ability to play as a member of a team are two of the skills that are necessary for all team sports. If you are the type of person who works best alone, does not enjoy company, and would rather do things on their own, this field may not be for you, or you may need to adjust your way of life. 

You will need to speak with other players in Dota 2 frequently, whether they are from your team or other players in the community. To get the most out of your experience, expect to talk with other players for a considerable amount of time and to always be willing to work together.

Attend Competitions in Your Area

You can get a sense of how tournaments operate and have the chance to see them in action by participating in local competitions. Whether you are watching or playing, witnessing other players go head-to-head or taking part in a match will help you become more confident and give you a sense of how competitions are run. The atmosphere of playing Dota 2 in a competition is very different from playing with friends at home; if you want to become a professional player, you will need to adapt to this new environment.

Create Connections and a Fan Base

Making connections can undoubtedly change your life, and networking with other professionals can help advance your career. We advise investing more time in Dota 2 online forums or making the effort to connect with like-minded individuals on social media, for example. You could start gaining followers by creating a channel on Twitch or Youtube, as many Dota 2 players use these platforms to discuss their experiences with one another. 

Never undervalue the influence of social media; establish a solid online reputation and make your profile widely known. This will help you create a community around your persona and enhance the gaming experience. 

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The World’s Most Successful Dota2 Teams
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In conclusion, we can say that Dota 2 undoubtedly brings together a variety of individuals from around the globe, making it an engaging and global experience for each and every player. The industry is always evolving, expanding, and drawing in new players; it never stays in one spot. There are many opportunities for players to advance their careers and turn into professional Dota 2 players. Despite the fact that this route is challenging and will demand a significant amount of time, expertise, and involvement, becoming a part of such a large and vibrant community can be both highly profitable and immensely enjoyable. 


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